S4S is Getting Students Into Their Dream College


by Erica Haye
Stockton University

College acceptance letters: One envelope. One piece of paper. One moment.

This moment could have changed your life.  Actually, scratch that.  This moment has already changed your life.  It has determined where you will be spending your next four to five years, which classes you will be enrolled in, which friends you will call your own, which library you will spend countless hours in,  which mascot you will be cheering on during home games and which colors you will wear with pride.

We spent our high school careers being pressured to do as many of the ‘right things’ as possible: being star athletes, leading the debate club, scoring the highest on our SAT’s. We knew what we needed to do in order to be accepted into our dream school so we met every requirement we could.  We went above and beyond, we wrote the most impressive essays of our young lives, and in the moment of truth.. so many of us didn’t get in.

What if it’s not what we did, but how we did it? What if the secret to getting into our dream school, was actually in the application process and not just the content of our application?

Justin Lafazan, the College Application Whisperer (a name I have newly appointed him) spent years trying to put these puzzle pieces together and “hack the admissions system” of his dream school.

He spent years interviewing financial advisors, administration officers, counselors, admission agencies, and essentially becoming an expert at what it takes to get into college.  His hard work paid off and he was accepted into his dream college, on his first try.

Unfortunately, many of his friends didn’t get to experience the same. Their applications were good, most of them were great, but they hadn’t used Justin’s strategies.

Justin said the moment he received his acceptance letter was one of the best of his life. He has never felt such proudness or such happiness and now he wants to share that with the world.

After assembling a team of friends who were also successful with their ‘dream’ college applications, Justin has started building a business with a new spin:  Students 4 Students – a full service college admission advisory – created by students.

This isn’t your typical college advisory company. In fact, they don’t even consider themselves as competitors to the thousands of large companies out there because S4S is driven by students themselves who have gone through (and succeeded with) the modern day application process, most of them Ivy League.

They cover everything from the college search to the actual application, along with tips and tricks, negotiating financial aid, and activity suggestions in ways that are relevant to young applicants.  As if this wasn’t impressive enough, S4S has a 90% plus acceptance rate to top schools all over the world.  We’re talking Ivy League and beyond (they are helping students from as far away as Cairo and Switzerland.)

S4S doesn’t want to just help students get into college, they want to help change young people’s lives.  If and where we get into college can change our lives, and Students 4 Students believes everyone deserves a shot at making their dreams come true.