It’s time we talk about tampons

It’s time we talk about tampons.

By Erica Haye
Stockton University

Periods.  They’re the last thing that any of us want to think about.
But, thanks to Cora, it’s time we do.

Cora is a B Corporation that produces and distributes a monthly subscription box filled with organic and safe feminine products, chocolate and tea, delivered to your door at the first of each month. Not having to worry about stocking up on period supplies sounds great right?  It gets better, because Cora is dedicated to educating, empowering, and supplying women in developing countries with safe feminine products too!

Molly Hayward, the incredibly smart and dedicated lady behind this amazing company, decided to tackle the universal period problem a few years ago.

Wait, universal period problem?

Yes, we have a universal problem centered around women’s menstruation. Women all over the world suffer from more than just cramps and bloating each month; they are shamed, degraded and forbidden to participate in their daily routines.

Millions of women are forced to drop out of school, to miss work, and sometimes are not even permitted to enter their home or temple. Our sisters around the world are suffering from the results of cultural perceptions of menstruation that are ridiculous and unfair, and are degraded because of a natural process.

It’s more than this though.

In countries like India, 88% of girls and women do not have access to or can’t afford sanitary feminine products. Instead, they use whatever they can find, which includes horrifying things like newspapers, mud, pieces of old mattresses and even animal feces. These women develop serious gynecological infections and hard to treat illnesses.

Periods can be dangerous.

Did you know even leading brand products here in the US are made with toxic chemicals?  Among a long list of hazards are Rayon and even worse, the carcinogen Dioxin, which comes from bleaching the cotton.  If that wasn’t enough, add some reproductive toxicants, irritants, and neurotoxins.  Why would you put that in your body?  Cora reminds us that if it isn’t organic, it’s toxic!

To learn more, visit, select a plan, customize your monthly box of pads, tampons, and liners, and join the force of sisterhood that will change the way we perceive and experience menstruation.  Bonus: for every month supply you receive, you’ll also be providing an equal supply to a girl in need.


We have the ability to educate and empower; after all, we are women.

Ladies, we’ve got this.