Welcome to MAJR, the digital magazine created by some crazy college students.. call us dreamers?

What we’re up to:  We’re out to change the world with our ideas, talents, and passions.
You can call it social good, social impact or just wanting to live an inspired life.

Why MAJR:  We see the college major as the first place we take a stand for our future.
Think about it.. in our transition from high school to college, we have a big decision to make.
What are we going to do that will be rewarding for us, and the world at the same time?
How can we make a living and make a difference?

We want our work to matter and to be as much fun as possible!

MAJR is where we inspire and celebrate each other.

 Why read MAJR:  Read MAJR to build positive culture.
Read MAJR to support other college students who are up to big things in the world.
Read MAJR because you’re a change maker and a game changer at heart.

When you connect with the stories of other students discovering their place in the world,
You’ll start to see new possibilities for yourself.  Your own path will become a little more clear.

By reading MAJR, we hope you discover what moves you.
When you discover what moves you, you’ll start to move others and we think that’s amazing.

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